Basel won the cup tournament against GC and proceeded to the quarter-finals

Basel players celebrate winning the cup.Photo: Cornerstone

FC Basel has not forgotten how to win. Coach Alex Frey’s team, which is under pressure, is the last team to reach the quarter-finals of the Swiss Cup with a 5:3 victory over Grasshoppers.

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Dissatisfied players, loud noises from London, a financial hole in the cash register and a crisis in profits: things are very turbulent in Basel now. But the lack of entertainment on the field cannot be blamed on the team, which, even in crisis, was still without a win before the cup guest appearance with Grasshoppers this year. A 3-2 draw in Lucerne was followed by a stunning 5-3 win over Grasshoppers, which sent Bayern back to the quarter-finals of the Swiss Cup after three years.

Anton Kade, Fabian Frey penalty and Zaki Amdoni gave FC Basel a 3-1 lead until the 48th minute. However, Basel did not act more confidently with the supposed lead two goals behind. First, Renate Dadacho was shortened after a penalty-worthy foul by Andy Bellemare, and after 4: 2 through a powerful shot by Kasem Adams, the Japanese group succeeded with Hayao Kawabe passing and Ayumu Seko as receiver for the second time.

Basel fans, who had been skeptical about Taulant Xhaka’s absence due to illness in the hours before the match, had another problem at the Letzigrund, which was scantily packed with 5,000 spectators, and which almost ended in extra time and was finally greeted with a huge welcome. Achievement without stopping and should give calculated coach Alex Frey some breathing space. In the 86th minute, Felipe De Carvalho of JC headed the ball into the side netting from an excellent position, and in stoppage time Zaki Amdoni completed a counterattack to score it 5:3.

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Basel’s victory was shuddering, but undeserved thanks to their rediscovered efficiency. The opponent in the quarter-finals on Wednesday, March 1, is FC St. Gallen. Once again, Alex Frei’s team will be challenged away from home. That will also be the case next Saturday, when Letzigrund’s Grasshoppers will have a quick chance to get revenge on the Baslers in the tournament.

Grasshoppers – Basel 3:5 (1:2)
5029 spectators. – S.R. Ensign.
Portals: 29. Kade 0: 1. 31. Seiko (Kawabe) 1-1. 45. Al Hurra (foul penalty) 1: 2. 48 – Amdoni (Novoa) 1-3. 53. Dadashov (foul penalty) 2: 3. 63. Adams 2: 4. 72. Seko (Kawabe) 3-4. 92. Amdoni 3:5.
grasshoppers Mutton; Hara (15 Shabani / 79 express), Losley, Syko, Schmid; Nding (87 demhasag); Abrashi (79 Herc), Kawabe; Paula, Dadashov, Di Carvalho (87. Jeong).
Basil: Selfie. Lopez (11 long), Adams, Bellmar, Calafiori; Novoa, Fry; Diouf, Cade (94 MB); Amdoni, Zakiri (The Goldfinch 81).
comments: Grasshoppers without me, momoh and chitin (all infected). Puzzle without Burger (suspended), Hits, Comas, Males, Ndwi, Augustin (all infected) and Shaka (sick). 22. Hamel hits the crossbar for Amdouni’s free kick.
Warnings: 60. Dadashov (complaint). 71 Leslie (foul). 81. Salve (non-athletic). 89 Adams (foul). 90 Herc (false).


GC, Basel and? These clubs have already been champions of Switzerland


GC, Basel and? These clubs have already been champions of Switzerland

Source: Keystone / Paolo Fuccini

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