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“Everything Eurovision”: preparation for the preliminary decision of the Economic and Social Council

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We’re broadcasting today’s edition of Everything Eurovision live from Cologne, shortly before the German Economic and Social Council’s preliminary round kicks off. It starts at 9.20pm, from 9pm. You can ask and discuss your questions on social TV.

In this build-up to Our Song for Liverpool, Alina and Stefan speak to presenter Barbara Schöneberger, Malik Harris and Florian Silberisen. In addition to upcoming performances from the nine primaries, topics include ESC fashion and personal highlights from show business. As usual, you can join the discussion in advance on social TV and ask questions.

appear on the road

Exclusive news, interviews and pure ESC entertainment: all this and more awaits you at Everything Eurovision. And just as ESC travels the world, we are also on the road with “Alles Eurovision”. The premiere came straight from Hamburg. In the week leading up to the ESC Grand Final on 13th May, we’re broadcasting “Alles Eurovision” daily – live from the UK. Of course you can also join the discussion and ask your questions.

Broadcast dates for “Everything Eurovision”

  • Friday, March 3 | 9.20pm live from Cologne
  • Monday, May 8 | 8pm live from Liverpool
  • Tuesday, May 9 | 8pm live from Liverpool
  • Wed 10 May | 8pm live from Liverpool
  • Thursday, May 11 | 8pm live from Liverpool
  • Fri 12 May | 8pm live from Liverpool
  • Saturday 13 May | 7pm live from Liverpool
  • Sunday 14 May | 1pm direct from Liverpool

Alina, Stefan and Konsi: a well-established ESC trio

All things Eurovision trio: Consi, Alina and Stefan.

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In addition to Alina Stiegler and Stefan Spiegel, SWR 3 broadcaster Constantine “Consi” Zöller will join Liverpool in May. There he will tour the host city with the German representative. But it will still be a few weeks until then. We’ll pass the time into May with song checks.

More information

Stefan Spiegel and Alina Stigler in the ESC Songcheck 2022 studio © NDR Photo: Joshua Zonnekein

Also this year all the songs of the ESC season will be checked – with Alina and Stefan, you and other song checkers. more

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