April 13, 2024

Britain's most tender civil servant celebrates an anniversary

Britain’s most tender civil servant celebrates an anniversary

British heads of government served – some say: under – the cat Larry for ten years. The “rat boss” has long been considered the prime minister of hearts in London.

Larry celebrates his service anniversary Monday – on February 15, 2011, the animal entered its official residence for the first time at 10 Downing Street. Larry came from the Battersea Animal Sanctuary in London. “I think no one could have imagined then how his wonderful life would develop,” said Lindsay Quinlan, Animal Shelter now on the anniversary.

With Larry, hangover was official on Downing Street for the first time after a 14-year hiatus. “Larry spends his days welcoming guests at home, checking safety precautions and testing antique furniture for quality as a place to take a nap,” the government website says. “One of his daily tasks is to find a solution to the rat problem in the house. This is still in the planning stage,” says Larry.

Cutter is responsible

Traditionally, the US president has only one dog – currently Joe Biden up to two – but domestic cats are the British prime minister’s favorite animal. Maybe also because the dwelling is a bit cramped than the White House with its garden. Before Larry, now 14, served Humphrey from 1989 to 1997. The only exception was during Tony Blair’s tenure (1997-2007) – wife Sherry Blair reportedly dislikes cats.

Official government documents only date back to the 1920s, but it is certain that King Henry VIII kept cats for 500 years. However, Larry is the first animal to officially hold the title of “Chief Cabinet Office Mouser”, and it almost makes sense that he also has an account – unofficial – on Twitter.

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Since the cat is considered a civil servant, he remains on Downing Street even after the term expires. “Unfortunately, I can’t take Larry with me,” said then-Prime Minister David Cameron when he was forced to leave Government House in 2016. “He belongs in this house and the staff love him so much, just like me.”

“Larry” is an inspiration

Larry moved to Downing Street under Cameron and has remained there ever since. Even during the reign of Theresa May and now Boris Johnson, he dominated the corridors of 10 Downing Street. In front of the building, waste is a change and opportunity to take popular photos for waiting journalists. He often steals the show from its official boss. In December 2020, for example, he had a fight with a much-appreciated pigeon.

A government spokesperson said, “Larry is a popular member of Team No. 10 and plays an important role as the“ Mouse Boss. ”“ He inspires employees and the general public with his fun behavior. ”But if it becomes too much for Larry, the iconic portal with the number 10 It opens as if by magic and it rushes in.

Quinlan Animal Shelter said Larry’s career “from dishwasher to millionaire” proved why the animals deserve a second chance. “One moment you were a careless stray, and the next time you became one of the most popular characters in the country with fans around the world.”