June 21, 2024

Disagreement with a journalist – the vice president of the White House resigns

First, TJ Ducklo was suspended for a week for intimidating a journalist. But there was heavy criticism. And now the vice press secretary to US President Joe Biden is leaving.

Take the consequences, let go: Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo. (Archive image)

Keystone / Patrick Simansky

The deputy White House spokesperson has resigned following allegations of harassment of a journalist. White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said Saturday (local time) that the government is trying to meet the standards set by President Joe Biden in treating all people with dignity, respect and a civic tone. TJ Ducklo resigned in consultation with Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klein. On Friday, the White House suspended the spokesperson from only working for a week without pay – and was criticized for that.

According to reports, Ducklo threatened a reporter on Politico’s website that she would “ruin” her and ruin her reputation. The journalist asked questions about Ducklo’s relationship with a reporter on the Axios website.

Psaki had to ask several important questions at a press conference on Friday on this issue. Journalists reminded them of Biden’s announcement that he would immediately fire anyone who did not respect others.

SDA / chk

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