March 3, 2024

Cold - phenomena of winter ice - Meteo

Cold – phenomena of winter ice – Meteo


At the current low temperatures, humans and nature create magical phenomena.

It was a very cold weekend in February. At night, the thermometer dropped to two numbers minus the temperatures and during the day the temperatures were mostly kept below freezing. In such cold conditions, our witnesses at SRF captured particularly icy phenomena in the photos.

Ice phenomenon

Mbemba effect

At temperatures below -10 degrees, hot water may freeze faster than cold water. This is called the Mbemba effect, after it was rediscovered by the name Mbemba from Tanzania. The causes of this phenomenon have not been conclusively explained scientifically. This can likely be explained by the fact that hot water evaporates faster than cold water. If you throw a cup of hot water into the air, more cold water will evaporate, so less should be frozen.

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