Coronavirus is illegal – Dutch court cancels curfew – news

  • A Dutch administrative court declared the curfew as an illegal government epidemic measure and ordered that it be lifted immediately.
  • The court in The Hague approved a lawsuit filed by the suspicious coronavirus “truth virus” protest group.
  • The Dutch government is appealing the court ruling.
  • The evening curfew from 9 pm-4:30 am has been in effect in the Netherlands since January 23.

On the first evenings after it came into effect, there were violent riots in several cities around.

The government had imposed a curfew on the basis of the Emergency Law, according to which it could take action without Parliament interfering. But in the court’s opinion, this case was not an acute emergency.

Interference with personal circumstances

The court said the government had failed to explain why the measure should be imposed at that point in the epidemic. At that time, the number of new infections was already dropping

According to the court, the curfew is a severe restriction on freedom of movement and interferes with the personal living conditions of citizens.

Government appeals

The Dutch government is appealing the court ruling. Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s reaction was disappointing the ruling. The government is preparing a new emergency law to put this measure on solid ground from a legal standpoint. Rutte stressed that the curfew ensured a reduction in the number of new infections.

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