December 11, 2023

Britain wants to build solar power plants in space by 2035

Britain wants to build solar power plants in space by 2035

The modular power station is to be assembled directly by robots in space.

Great Britain wants to send solar energy from space to Earth in the not-too-distant future. As part of the English Space Energy InitiativeLaunched last year, it has affiliated with over 50 companies and organizations including Airbus, University of Cambridge Or satellite manufacturer SSDL Came together to explore the possibilities of setting up a solar power plant in space.

The first protester may orbit our planet in 2035. reports. According to the head of the initiative, Martin Soldav, The technologies required for a space-based solar power plant already exist. However, the scope and scope of the project based on the study by Frazer-Nash Consultancy remains a challenge.

Assembled by robots

According to the study, the project is technically feasible and does not depend on new materials or components. For the demonstrator alone, 300 launches are needed to carry individual blocks into space. The solar power plant is to be assembled directly by robots in space. After the demonstration phase, it can be expanded due to its modular structure. According to Soltau, the overall construction will be far from over then 36,000 kilometers Orbiting the earth.

Direct current is generated, which is converted into microwaves and sent to earth via solid-state high frequency power amplifiers.

13 times more energy

Compared to the same size solar power plant on Earth, it is much larger in space 13 times Produce more energy. Like the earth where the sun never shines, there are no interfering problems in space. Radiation exposure to humans is also very low.

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By transmitting solar energy from space to Earth, Britain hopes to achieve its net-zero target by 2035 at a much lower cost than existing technologies.