SprintRay introduces NightGuard Flex 3D printing resin and ProCure 2 in Canada and Europe

3D printer specialist SprintRay offers NightGuard Flex 3D printing resin and 3D printer ProCure 2 in Canada and Europe. NightGuard Flex and ProCure 2 work together with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem to enable dentists to design, print, manufacture and deploy customized trays in the same day.

Sprintre Cloud Design enables dentists and dental technicians to access AI-powered designs and designers to create night splints on demand. AI creates a custom digital design that speeds up the treatment process.

ProCure 2, a post-processing unit with a cloud-based AI design, completes a fast overnight cleavage workflow. ProCure 2 is part of the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem in Europe and Canada and offers efficient functionality. Its technology significantly reduces healing times, making 3D printing possible in dentistry.

“The SprintRay NightGuard Flex combined with the new ProCure 2 will not only transform my nighttime backup workflow, but will also significantly improve the way I work and provide a more advanced, efficient, accurate and convenient process for my patients,” he said. Dr. Jonathan Ng is a board-certified prosthodontist in Vancouver.

With the launch of NightGuard Flex and ProCure 2 in Canada and Europe, SprintRay expands its Protect-a-Smile campaign, which supports indirect health through 3D printing.

“We’re proud to bring the world’s fastest nighttime backup workflow to Canada and Europe, radically changing the way dentists provide cover splints for bruxism and teeth grinding,” said Dr. Amir Mansoori, CEO and co-founder of Sprintray. “In the US alone, our dental suppliers have printed over 150,000 nighttime backups using NightGuard Flex material and report 90% satisfaction.”

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