May 18, 2024

Britain also wants to ban TikTok on company phones –

The UK is expected to announce the ban on the Chinese social media app on official phones soon. In doing so, it will follow in the footsteps of the European Commission, which recently announced the same.

Sources close to the government stated that the announcement from the Cabinet Office will be issued soon. This was preceded by a review that included the government’s National Cyber ​​Security Centre, an offshoot of GCHQ Parents mentioned.

On Monday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he would take “all necessary steps” to safeguard the country’s security. He added that the UK was “looking at what our allies are doing”.

Recently, the European Commission and European Parliament required employees to delete TikTok from company devices and personal devices that use the company’s apps. Concerns about the platform have also been raised by member states such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Denmark.

TikTok expressed disappointment at the UK’s move.

Similar decisions in other countries are based on misplaced fears and appear to be motivated by geopolitics. However, we will continue to work with the government to address any concerns,” a TikTok spokesperson said, adding that the company has already taken steps to increase data protection for European users, CNBC reported.

This week Britain has it too Integrated review She published, among other things, honing her language on China and describing the country as a “historic challenge”.