‘Breath of the Wild 2 & Company’ – 2022 should be a great year for Nintendo

in vertical A few weeks ago, I just mentioned how disappointed the time was with converts Current and how difficult the past few months with it. But no one believed a statement before IGNs Bear Schneider, targeting 2022 to nintendo Be a really good year.

In addition to things that have already been announced like “Kirby and the Forgotten Earth”, “Pokemon Legends: Arsius” And “Bayonetta 3” She should also be long overdue “Breath of the Wild 2” to appear. The development of the latter will be high Schneider Very good, the absence of performances like Game prizes It should not be a sign of problems or delays.

was the past nintendo I June 2021 something new “The Legend of Zelda”– Adventure show and release period already approx 2022 specific.

After saving princesses from the clutches of evil reptiles at a young age and shooting myself in space in a tiny spacecraft, I was fascinated by video games. I especially love Japanese games, and I’ve always been a big fan of special consoles like Sega Saturn. Heart for strangers so to speak! When it comes to games, I adore the “Yakuza” series, cinematic adventures like “The Last of Us” and love playing the “PES” game in between. Otherwise my heart beats with Japanese film, directors like Shion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto or Takeshi Kitano deserve gold. I also like to invest my time in comics and creative work (writing, drawing…).

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