June 20, 2024

Apple warns of security holes in devices

Apple warns of security holes in devices


The organization warns of a security vulnerability in its devices.

(Photo: Reuters)

San Francisco apple Warn that there are serious security holes in iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, which could allow hackers to take full control of the devices. The US group said one also knew of “a report that this problem could have been exploited effectively”.

Security researchers have advised users to apply the software update to affected devices: iPhone 6s and later models, many iPad models including 5th generation and later, all iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 models, and Mac computers with macOS Monterey. She said some iPod models have also been affected.

Apple’s warning about the vulnerability means that a hacker can gain “full administrative access to the device,” allowing them to “run any code as if you, the user,” said Rachel Tobak, CEO of security firm SocialProof Security. Software updates should primarily be carried out by those in the public eye, such as activists and journalists who could be targets of state censorship.

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