December 5, 2023

Börse Express – EQS Voting Rights: Bilbinger SE (Germany)

Bilbinger SE: Publication with intent to distribute throughout Europe in accordance with Section 40 para 1 WpHG

EQS Voting Rights Notice: Billinger SE

Bilfinger SE: Article 40 Paragraph 1 Publication with intent of WpHG

Distribution throughout Europe

10/10/2023 / 08:53 CET/CEST

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Declaration of Voting Rights

1. Information about the issuer

Name: Billinger SE

Street, house number: Oskar-Meixner-Straße 1

Postal Code: 68163

Location: Mannheim


Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 529900H0HULEN2BZ4604

2. Grounds for Notice

X Purchase or sale of shares with voting rights

Acquisition or sale of instruments

Change in total voting rights

X Other reason:

The voluntary group touches the threshold only at the notification level


3. Information about the person to be notified

Law firm: Morgan Stanley

Registered Office, State: Wilmington, Delaware, USA

From America

4. Names of Shareholders

If different from 3, with 3% or more voting rights.

Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc

5. Door Contact Date:

October 3, 2023

6. Total Voting Shares

Share Share Total Shares Total No

Voting Rights Instruments (Total 7.a. + Voting Rights

(Total 7.a.) (Total 7.b.1.+ 7.b.) According to Section 41 WpHG


New 3.02% 1.87% 4.89% 37606372

Last 3.000861130662 1.87% 4.87% /

Average %


7. Details of voting rights

A. Voting rights (sections 33, 34 WpHG)

Absolute in ISIN %

The direct reason is stated directly

(Section 33 WpHG) (Section 34 WpHG) (Section 33 WpHG) (Section 34 WpHG)

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DE0005909006 0 1135089 0% 3.02%

Total 1135089 3.02%

b.1 Article 38 para 1 no. 1 Tools in the sense of WpHG

Type of Instrument Maturity Exercise Period Voting Rights Voting

/ place of destruction / te rights

Absolute runtime in %

Redeem Request Anytime 2715 0.01%

to say

bond loan

Total 2715 0.01%

b.2 Article 38 paragraph 1 no. 2 Instruments in the sense of WpHG

Type of Maturity Exercise Cash Settlement Voting

Instruments / Expiration Period / or Physical Rights

Complete processing time in %

87 0% Exclusively from Cash Anytime

Fish 02/14/2072

Financial dependence

Product 09/19/2073

Equity Swap 11/30/2023 Cash Anytime 701952 1.87%

Total 702039 1.87%

8. Information about the person to be notified

Notifying Party (3.) Not Restricted or Controlled

Other companies subject to notification require voting rights

Issuers (1.) own or hold the voting rights of the Issuer;

will cause.

A complete chain of subsidiaries starting with X

Supreme Control Person or Supreme Controlling Person


Company Voting %, Instruments %, Total %,

3% or 5% if or 5% or

more high

Morgan Stanley % % %

Morgan Stanley % % %

capital management,


Morgan Stanley & %% %


Morgan Stanley % % %

Morgan Stanley % % %


Holdings Inc.

Morgan Stanley % % %


are limited

Morgan Stanley % % %

Investments (UK)

Morgan Stanley & 3.02%%%

Co. International


9. In the case of power of attorney according to Section 34 Paragraph 3 of the WpHG

(only possible by attribution according to section 34 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 6 WpHG)

Date of General Meeting:

Total Voting Shares after AGM (6th):

Voting Rights Share Instruments Share Total Shares

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10. Other Information:


October 6, 2023

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Language: German

Company: Bilbinger SE

Oskar-Meixner-Strasse 1

68163 Mannheim



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