June 23, 2024

Britain: Charles pledges protection for all religions

Britain: Charles pledges protection for all religions

Charles III has pledged his personal protection to all religions, faiths and other beliefs in Britain. As king, Charles III. At the same time the secular head of the Church of England with the title “Defensor Fide” (Defender of the Faith).

“I want to reiterate before you all today my determination to fulfill my responsibilities as a sovereign to all communities in this country and the Commonwealth and to do so in a way that reflects the world today,” he said in his first meeting. King on Friday night for about 30 leading representatives of the country’s churches and religions.

He is a staunch Anglican Christian and will swear into the Church of England at his coronation, the king said. At the same time, he always sees Great Britain as a “community of (faith) societies”. Therefore, as a sovereign, he “has the duty to protect the diversity of our country, both in space and practice. To protect the faith, traditions and beliefs of all religions, cultures, and our hearts and minds guide us as individuals.”

This diversity is embodied not only in the country’s laws but also in his own beliefs. “As a member of the Church of England, love is central to my Christian faith,” said Charles III. “Therefore, based on my deepest convictions – as well as my position as a sovereign – I am obliged to respect those who follow other spiritual paths and those who seek to live their lives according to worldly ideals,” he added. To prosper only through dedication, this to me is the essence of our nation,” said the King.

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The audience at Buckingham Palace included representatives of Britain’s Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu churches and others. The meeting was brought forward an hour to allow British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to attend Shabbat in good time.

The president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, spoke of a “privilege” to be part of the audience with King Charles. “In my conversation with him, I assured him that Catholics would pray fervently for him. Mother has,” the Archbishop of Westminster wrote on Twitter. Cardinal Nicholls, the King thanked him and asked him to express his gratitude to all Catholics.

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