Blogger Raif Badawi is free but not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia

In 2015, Enzaf Haider kept a photo of her imprisoned husband for the camera – and now he has been released again.
Image: AFP

Saudi blogger Roy Badawi has been released from prison after serving 10 years. But he was not allowed to leave the country. His wife, Enzaf Haider, hoped the exiled family would be reunited in Canada.

D.He was released from prison after serving ten years in prison by Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, and he was not allowed to leave his country for ten years. It was only after a delay that the judiciary released him. A representative of the Interior Ministry in Riyadh has now confirmed that he should be in the country. The judgment of the court is final.

This destroys the trust of Badawi’s wife, Enzaf Haider. She is living in exile in Canada and, as she said after her husband’s release, wants her family to be reunited there.

In 2012, Rif Badawi was sentenced to ten years in prison, a ten-year ban from leaving the country, flogged with a whip or a stick and fined one million riyals (approximately 240,000 euros). He had to endure 50 lashes before the judiciary could stop further beatings after a wave of international protests. Badawi co-founded the online forum “The Saudi Liberals” in 2008 and supported the separation of state and religion. The Saudi judiciary has described it as an insult to Islam.

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