Big fire in Vorarlberg – clouds of smoke moved into the Rhine Valley

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Major fire in Vorarlberg: An industrial building in Koblach has collapsed in a complete fire – but there is no longer any danger

An industrial building in Koblach, Vorarlberg, caught fire. Fire brigades are widespread – huge plumes of smoke can also be seen in the Rhine Valley.

A video recording from Rankwell shows how the dark plume of smoke moves into the Rhine Valley.

Video: Raphael Rohner

Large-scale operation of blue light organizations Vorarlberg: Early on Sunday afternoon, an industrial building in Koblach caught fire. Affected carpentry and post office, Portal reports According to ORF The trains had to be cut off because the fire broke out in the immediate vicinity of the railways.

Fire Brigade Commander: I don’t know if Aura will collapse at any moment

As Fire Brigade Commander Philip Poulter explained to Volume Gate in an interview, the building was already on fire when the fire brigade arrived. Part of the fire had already spread to the nearby carpentry workshop.

The firefighters first tried to protect the second building. According to Poulter, this was a particular challenge because the hall was made of steel. “We don’t know what will happen, will it collapse at any moment or not,” he said in an interview. Meanwhile, ORF wrote that the spread of flames was completely prevented in the carpentry building.

As ORF further reported, the mail distribution center’s warehouse was completely burnt out and collapsed. Information about this comes from the municipality of Koblach.

According to the volume, nothing is known about injuries, but property damage is likely to be very high. The cause of the fire is still not clear, and investigations will begin after the extinguishing work is completed. There is no longer any danger. The train route is expected to remain closed until 6 pm.

A passenger on the train filmed the fire as it passed.

Video: Vol. AT TV

Puffing smoke up the Rhine Valley

The massive development of smoke in the Rhine Valley can also be observed: plumes moved in the direction of the Rhine Valley, as shown in the photos taken by our correspondent from Rankwell.

Firefighters from Switzerland are not involved in any activity in Koblach. Florian Schneider, media spokesperson for the St Gallen cantonal police, says on request. “We didn’t get a connection,” he says. According to Schneider, there was no word of danger to local residents from the smoke clouds. (hole/red)

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