5.40€ in Tuscany for 2x latte with brioche

What happens to your money? Lots of chatting in southern Tuscany Picturesque Sofrito Lives. The place, 15 kilometers from the Mediterranean, with about 3000 locals, spoils the guest.

For two lattes and two brioches to pay for La Gattabuia in Piazza V. Veneto 5.40 euros. the total.

Coffee and sweets are priced at 1.20 and 1.50, respectively. Including 10 percent value added tax.

Italy, mi piace (IP)

For the same amount, a consumer of the traditional Helvetia pub in Zurich’s Stauffacher can get only the Feldschlösschen pub.

3.3 deciliters. seconds, and you go out on a cold autumn night for 10.60 francs.

The city on the Limmat River has become an expensive place to live. do you know that. But now it seems that the usury fever has finally appeared in the local gastronomy.

Mamma Mia (IP)

Things are really going for Les Halles, a one-of-a-kind temple to alternative dining in Zurich’s thriving West End, in the shadow of the Prime Tower.

Tamil or cheap asylum seekers in the kitchen, Swiss Coolios on checkout. And the tried and tested lunchtime formula that made it possible for you to have coffee with a drink for 6 francs:

Suddenly it costs 8 francs.

one-third premium. 33 percent. inflation.

Still cheap, one might object. But then comes the next disappointment. The famous pistika for 29 francs, which is also a bit more expensive than it was before Covid, comes with french fries.

But without authority. An additional 3 francs will be charged for this.

Hello, with the stork I put 20 stutz on the table. This is true, but in the end the case of Les Hull shows what has befallen Zurich.

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A normal lunch for two people during the week is practically no less than 80 francs. First of all, it must be earned.

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