betrayal? Famous Russian hypersonic researcher is under arrest

Alexander Kuranov, a Russian hypersonic researcher. Now it is in custody. He allegedly passed on classified information to third countries.

The basics in brief

  • Russian researcher Alexander Kuranov, 73, was arrested.
  • He is accused of high treason against Russia.
  • He allegedly passed on classified information to foreign nationals.

Russian intelligence A famous scientist in the country who specializes in hypersonic research has been arrested, according to media reports. On Thursday, the TASS and Interfax news agencies reported that Alexander Kuranov was accused of “high treason.”

The 73-year-old is suspected of passing on “confidential information” to a “foreign national”. At first it was not known from which country the “foreign citizen” should come.

More than 120 written papers

heading kuranov Ultrasound research instituteAccording to the information published on its website, he has written more than 120 scientific papers.

He leads research on superfast speed and technology, and he also researches artificial intelligence. In addition, the 73-year-old organized an American-Russian conference in Saint Petersburg for many years.

High-sound technology is the core of the new weapons currently being developed by Russia Vladimir Putin It is called “invincible”. Whether Kuranov was initially involved in the development of these weapons remained unclear.

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