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The World Cup on Ice begins today (2 PM, ORF 1) with the parallel giant slalom. Benjamin Karl has gold in his sight.

From Denise Maryodnig | 05.30, 01. March 2021

Four-time world champion Benjamin Karl is a model athlete © KK / Privat

I know I’m a world leader in giant slalom and that I can clean up the competition. I also know I can be a great slalom skater, ”he is an ace on ice Benjamin Carl Realizes her strengths. At the World Championships in Rogla, the 35-year-old will score no less than five gold medals. If he succeeds in this mission, East Tyrol by choice will crown itself as the best border of the Alps of all time. He is currently tied for his four world championships Jesse Jay Anderson form Canada. There is a lot to be said about this exceptional phenomenon, as Karl openly admits that Rogla is “a very special patch. I can’t start with an ad like ten years ago, but anything can happen – Quali-Aus to Gold. For me, there is a bunch of memories and experiences. Things did not go well often, but in 2018 she achieved the long-awaited victory. With this memory I start the two races. “

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