July 12, 2024

142 points scorer.  Andres Ampol equaled another record against Canada

142 points scorer. Andres Ampol equaled another record against Canada

Andres Ambul celebrates his goal to make it 3-1 against Canada. Grisons is level with Jörg Eberl on 142 points in the national uniform.

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Andrés Ampol scored 3-1 in a 3-2 win over Canada at the Ice Hockey World Championships. The gate is important and historical at the same time. Grisons equaled a record with his 142nd point in national dress.

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  • Andres Ampol scored in the World Cup in Switzerland’s 3-2 win over Canada to make it 3-1.
  • With a point scorer of 142 in the Swiss dress, Ampol is tied with Jörg Eberle. It’s another record that the 39-year-old Ponder can attribute to.
  • Ampol learned of the record, but confirmed in the interview that he was considering a win against Canada.

Andres Ampol is the man of records. The 39-year-old is making his 18th World Cup appearance in Riga – a record-breaking one. Switzerland’s 3-2 win over heavyweight Canada on Saturday afternoon added another record to Ambul’s collection.

Ampol scores for Switzerland to make it 3-1 in the meantime. It is his 142nd point in the Swiss uniform. Thus, the Davos native is on a par with Jörg Eberle. Ampol modestly admits to the record: “Yesterday I heard somewhere that it’s possible. I didn’t really think about it.” The win over Canada was the focus.

And there was a win over Canada. There was a defining moment in the match for Ambul. “Neko’s goal (Heischer 1: 1, editor’s note) came at exactly the right moment,” says the newly crowned record scorer in an interview with “SRF”. Canada was in the lead and the equalizer outweighed the momentum from the Swiss side. After that, Switzerland turns the game around and wins 3: 2.

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The quarter-finals are decided – the Swiss still have to hold on to the top of the standings

This is the fifth win in five matches for the Swiss ice hockey team. When asked about this balance, Ambul said, “We have evolved from game to game and have developed our game further. For us, that means we have to keep going.”

The Swiss still have two group matches left. Next Sunday, the Czech Republic invites you to a Group B clash. Switzerland have already qualified for the quarter-finals, so the last two matches are all about defending the top spot in the standings.