June 17, 2024

Now the FCB coach - Sforza says: "This is not a crisis for me" - sport

Now the FCB coach – Sforza says: “This is not a crisis for me” – sport


Disappointing performances, angry fans and inner quarrels: the Basel Club boil over. Coach Sierraco Sforza is still positive.

At the Basel Club, the home grace hangs crooked. The latest bang will be released on Monday at lunchtime: Valentine Stocker is on vacation and relieved of his captain’s captain. “He should go on vacation and clear his mind,” coach Siriaco Sforza said in an interview with Valentine SRF.

The causes of the radical administrative intervention remain unknown. Rumor has it that Stocker made negative comments about Sforza internally. Even after the embarrassing trophy elimination against Winterthur (2: 6), he had found critical words.

Meanwhile, fans are disapproving of Stoker’s demotion. Basel supporters announced a peaceful demonstration on Parfusserplatz Monday evening. You want to take a stand against the club leadership.

Sure there are still things that can be done better, but we are on the right track.

Instead of Stocker, Bagtem Kasame will wear the bandage in the future. “He has a personality, he has already proven it. He has scored valuable goals in the last few months. But he can do more and I would like to drive him there. “

Sforza’s decision to upgrade Casami is raising questions, especially since Fabian Frey was appointed deputy captain this season. The coach said: “Fabian must be calm.” “Then he can perform at his best.”

Praise President Burgener

Sforza is not worried that the team has not achieved any wins in five matches. “We are not up to par. There is certainly a certain disappointment, but this is not a crisis for me. ”He will continue to think positively. He describes his first six months as FCB coach as“ good. ”“ Sure, there are still things that could be done better, but we are on the move. The right way.”

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Sforza also gave his boss, Bernard Burgener, a positive report: “I am very proud of him because he doesn’t act very quickly, but he thinks very clearly about what’s best. He analyzes well and keeps calm.”

On Wednesday, the classic match against Bernese Young Boys will be shown on FC Basel. You can follow the duel directly on SRF zwei and in the sports app from 8:10 pm.