May 19, 2024

Spengler Cup in Davos – HCD vs. Team Canada: Prestige here, group win there – Sports

Spengler Cup in Davos – HCD vs. Team Canada: Prestige here, group win there – Sports – SRF

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HC Davos will compete against Team Canada on Thursday night. Who will come out on top in the duel between their arch rivals?


This poster attracts the masses

Davos vs. Team Canada in the Spengler Cup.

Keystone/Melanie Duchene

Long-time host vs. guest, 15-time defending champion vs. record champion (16), winner of the start of the tournament vs. winner of day two – Avicii Davos vs. Team Canada on Thursday is eagerly awaited.

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Follow the prestigious Team Canada – Davos duel live on the SRF zwei and in the SRF Sport app from 8:10 p.m.

Both Team Canada and Davos have shown the limits of Frolunda, the “Kings of Europe” (winners of a record four Champions Hockey League titles). The Maple Leafs celebrated a 4-0 win on Tuesday, and Davos celebrated a 4-1 win the next day.

Now the duel between the two arch rivals is on the agenda, which concerns not only great prestige, but also victory in the Catini group and thus direct entry into the semi-finals.

Canadians for once without teething problems

“There are still things that need to improve,” Davos striker Dennis Rasmussen said after the victory over the Swedish senior team.

Of course, he knows the great qualities of Canadians, which usually only develop over time in the Spengler Cup. This time, head coach Bruce Boudreau was able to bring success to a scrappy team right away.

SRF 2, Sports Life, December 27, 2023, 8:10pm;

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