May 22, 2024

Before the summer vacation: Greece introduces a new law against mass tourism

Beach on the Greek coast: In the future, only a limited number of deck chairs will be allowed here.

Socrates Baltagiannis/dpa

The number of deck chairs on Greek beaches will be limited by law in the future. The new regulation is likely to affect tourists in particular.

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  • The Greek government announces stricter rules on beaches.
  • In the future, a maximum of 30 percent of the space will be occupied by deck chairs.
  • In addition, stricter rules will now apply to entrepreneurs.

Greek beaches are perhaps one of the most popular travel destinations this summer. However, due to the huge boom, the fear of destruction is increasing more and more.

Now the Greek government wants to significantly limit the number of deck chairs on beaches, as national media reported. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced in a TikTok video that there will be new rules on beaches.

Accordingly, at least 70 percent of beach areas should be allowed to be occupied by deck chairs. On beaches in protected areas, 85 percent of the area should remain free. In addition, deck chairs should not be placed closer than four meters from the water.

Stricter rules for entrepreneurs

Some beaches should also be declared “inviolable.” Deck chairs there should be completely banned. This would particularly please local residents, who have repeatedly protested against the spread of deck chairs in recent years. The Greek population fears that they will not have space in the future.

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Therefore, entrepreneurs who make their money by renting deck chairs and umbrellas to tourists should be allowed to occupy a maximum of half of the beach in the future. This is intended to ensure that the beaches can be visited for free by local residents in the future.

In the future, beach concessions will be awarded via an online auction. In addition, stricter rules will apply to deck chair rental companies in the future. The Greek Prime Minister said the concessionaires pledged to “keep the beaches clean, provide accessibility for people with disabilities and employ lifeguards.”

The Greek government announced that anyone who violates these rules will be punished with fines in the future. Closing of businesses is also possible.

However, the Greek government wants to waive entry fees to beaches nationwide. It is widespread in Italy, for example. For example, the seaside resort of Sestri Levante in Liguria wants to collect money in the future so that it can enjoy the beach. Entrance to Baia del Silenzio will cost five euros per person starting this summer. Access remains free for local residents. Children under twelve years of age do not have to pay anything either.