February 25, 2024

Be careful when downloading “Palworld”

Survival crafting game Palworld continues to dominate the rankings on Steam two weeks after its release and has already made video game history. The game featuring Pokémon bonds from Japanese developer Pocketpair is still a best-selling game on Steam and has managed to gather more than two million concurrent players on the distribution platform – a feat that only PUBG: Battlegrounds has been able to achieve.

Counterfeit Palworld products are circulating for iOS and Android

Palworld has only appeared on a handful of platforms so far, including Windows on PC and Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox Series Accordingly, Palworld cannot be controlled on other platforms, including iOS or Android. However, apps can be found in the App Store and Google Play Store named either “Palworld” or “パルワルド” (in Japanese, Palworld).

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