July 16, 2024

Battle Passes are now Battle Maps

Battle Passes are now Battle Maps

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Rainbow Six Siege will use a new Battle Pass system in the future. These should help unlock the required items safely.

When the new season of Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Solar Raid – is announced, it will bring some changes. Improvements to the ranked system, a new map, a new operator, and a brand new Battle Pass system. Unfortunately, this is not new anymore.

Because Activision Blizzard is a few weeks ahead of Ubisoft by reinterpreting the classic battle arcade. With the first season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the Battle Pass takes the form of a combat map. There you can decide for yourself from the starting point in which direction you want to move and open the content.

In contrast to the linear battle arcade, the new system aims to give players the opportunity to unlock content that is important to them first.

Ubisoft introduces the same system in Operation Solar Raid, with the mod simply called the “Tactical Battle Pass”.

Best for casual gamers, no matter for hardcore gamers

If you are primarily interested in a game, you shouldn’t feel much difference with the new system. Because if you invest enough time, you can easily unlock all the content, be it linear or “tactical” Battle Pass.

Most interesting is the new system for casual players who usually can’t fill up every Battle Pass. They can focus on the content and operators that matter most to them. It also saves you the FOMO that happens at the end of a season when the content you actually want is unlocked.

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And of course there is also a premium version of the new Battle Passes, whether in Call of Duty or Rainbow Six Siege. The new system with targeted activation options is primarily aimed at players who have kept their wallets closed until now. Because if the incentive is to unlock exclusive cosmetics that are then actually used and aren’t located in high levels that are hard to reach for casual players, one or the other will quickly consider whether to get the Battle Pass after everyone else wants to buy.

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