April 22, 2024

Pax Day: an ambitious sandbox MMO with a medieval vibe

Sandbox MMO fans will have a promising new actor for the foreseeable future. A Finnish developer announced an ambitious new title with Pax Dei today.

Mainframe Industries’ Finnish developers are made up of all kinds of creators who’ve previously worked on the most popular MMOs of the past 20 years – and now they’ve announced their first game in a new formation with Pax Dei. This is an MMO social sandbox game that aims to focus on community and innovative gameplay. The studio wants gamers to play a crucial role, because they can play a major role in shaping the MMO.

The theme goes back to the Middle Ages, because Pax Dei is mainly inspired by the myths of that time. However, from a technical point of view, Unreal Engine 5 should guarantee a contemporary and attractive graphic splendor and also a modern design. Players must be able to complete their goals and challenges in a playful way, as interactions in the community play an important role.

Reynir Hardarson, Game Director at Pax Dei explains: “Pax Dei invites players into a dark age of wonder where legends are real, spirits roam and the existence of magic is unquestionable. We’re meant to offer a truly open world, and we can’t wait to see players interact.” with the world and create their own stories.”

In addition to the open and lively game world, game features include cooperative building to expand villages, challenging PvE adventures, PvP battles, countless activities with their own stories, all intended to be meaningful, and a technically breathtaking world.

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Although a console version is also planned, Pax Dei will first launch for PC players on Steam. No specific date is mentioned, but it is said to be “close,” so it probably won’t be too long. There should also be versions optimized for cloud gaming platforms. If you are interested, you can contact www.playPaxDei.com Register to test the alpha version.

Pax Day – Trailer Revealed

With Pax Dei, an ambitious social sandbox based on Unreal Engine 5 has been announced.