July 12, 2024

Basel: Benfica fans attacked by hooligans after a friendly match

Basel: Benfica fans attacked by hooligans after a friendly match


“The rioters attacked families indiscriminately.”

Several hooligans are said to have attacked and beaten families after FCB’s match against Benfica in Basel. A news exposé revealed sneak attacks in front of young children.


Louis M* managed to take a picture of the alleged perpetrator.


  • Violent clashes erupted after the team’s match against Benfica.

  • A news survey reported that FCB hooligans attacked small groups and families at random.

  • The thugs are said to have beaten a woman, among other things.

“Nothing can happen to her Just walk away! “, Benfica fan Luis M. *dazed. According to news scouts, several hooligans grabbed him on Sunday FCB vs Benfica game his family members. Benfica fan Luis M. * The match at St. Jacob’s Stadium with his family. After winning 3-1 against FCB, they all wanted to get back in their cars to go home.

“There were many men lurking on the road, I think it was FCB hooligansLewis M. said: “They attacked a member of my family and pulled the Benfica scarf.”

was another close by trouble makers He was injured later. “They punched him in the face. He was with a friend.” Their friend’s two children, both in their teens, watched their father fall to the ground and the hooligans kicked him in the ribs. “The whole thing took 10 to 20 seconds. When the police rushed in, the rioters were already gone,” says Louis M.

FCB stalls is said to have hit the woman

The Basel-Stadt cantonal police confirmed, at their request, that there were “minor arguments” after the match. However, the Basel-Stadt cantonal police managed to prevent worse things from happening with their presence. “So far we are not aware of any injuries,” said police spokesman Reuven Brooker.

A few moments before his family was attacked, Louis M. witnessed about a dozen FCB hooligans attack four Benfica fans. “The bad thing is that they outnumbered two old men, a woman and a young man. They didn’t stand a chance at all.”

On the other side of the street, there were families with young children who had to watch everything. “It happened so quickly that no one could intervene. After the attack, the hooligans fled. 22,000 fans can’t come to the stadium for a match and security isn’t guaranteed,” he says angrily.

Attacks outside the stadium perimeter

The Basel-Stadt cantonal police disagree with this opinion: “Security was ensured around the stadium. There, the police managed to prevent the initial fights. Unfortunately, the attack in question took place outside the perimeter of the stadium.”

Hope Lewis M. Now that the culprits are found. His relative filed a complaint against unknown persons on Monday.

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* The name has been changed

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