June 21, 2024

Baseball Austria also has to concede defeat to Italy

The Austrian national team had to concede defeat to Italy by 2:11 minutes at the European Under-23 Championships at home on Friday. With eight runs left, the Guests made the decision in the fourth.

The Italians started better at Ducksfield Wiener Neustadt. The favorites led 2-0 at half time. The Italians made it 3-0 in the third period. Then Georg Stemmer and Eoghan McGarry pitched the Austrians’ first two innings, but the response from the green-white-red selection wasn’t long in coming: With eight runs total, the Italians pulled to 11:2. Neither starting pitcher Lenard Halper nor reliever Marcus Tremmell could stop him. Visitors attack at this point.

Austria must qualify in the final qualifier, the Netherlands against Great Britain

It remained 11: 2 for Italy to the end. On Saturday (2.30 pm) is a direct duel against Belgium for seventh place and a conciliatory finale to the European Championship. However, it is already certain that Austria will play in the qualifiers next year to stay in Group A.

On Saturday (7 p.m.) the decision will also be made on who will receive the Wiener Neustadt gold medal. The Netherlands and Great Britain will compete for the final. In their semi-final match against France, the Dutch initially trailed by two runs before tying to make it 5-5 in the fifth game. The Dutch scored the decisive point only in the seventh game. Britain was already trailing 5-1 against Germany before tying it four runs in the fourth game. As in the first semi-final, the British scored the victory only in the last game. Holland and Great Britain have already met in the preliminary round. The Dutch won 1-0.

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Semi-final rounds: Netherlands 6-5 France, Germany 5-6 Great Britain.

Landing round: Italy – Austria 11: 2, Czech Republic – Belgium 3: 1.

Table (after 2 out of 3 matches): 1. Italy (1,000), 2. Czech Republic (1,000), 3. Belgium (0,000), 4. Austria (0,000).


Saturday, 10 a.m.: Czech Republic – Italy (Batsfield Schwechat).

Saturday, 2.30pm: Belgium – Austria (Ducksfield Wiener Neustadt).

Saturday, 2.30pm: Germany – France (Batsfeld Schwechat).

Saturday, 7 p.m.: Netherlands – Great Britain (Ducksfield Wiener Neustadt).