December 4, 2023

Bambutu was killed by a hunter


Bambutu lived peacefully with the villagers until the hunter came

A 23-year-old young man shot a deer in a town in Italy because it was acting “aggressively,” according to what he claimed. The villagers strongly object to this.


The villagers were able to pet the animal and eat from their hands.

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  • Excitement in a village in northern Italy.

  • There a deer lived with the villagers for years.

  • Now the animal has been killed by a 23-year-old hunter.

Nestled in the foothills of the mountains is a quiet village of Bicol Dolomites in northern Italy. In a village of 380 people, shooting a deer causes great excitement. The Bamboo deer, which grew up among the houses of Bicol town in Belluno region, was killed by a hunter. “This was Bambuto,” Donatella Zendoli wrote in a Facebook post. “He was born seven years ago in Bicol. His mother, Minerva, placed him on a mop in front of a house and entrusted him to us locals.”

Since then, Bamboo has become Bicol’s beloved deer, and this post continues. “I write these lines because Bambutu is dead. He was killed by a hunter who thought he had done something heroic, and instead described himself forever as the poor wretch who shot an animal that ate from your hand and cradled you until it slept peacefully.

The 23-year-old was forced to delete his social media accounts. He was threatened and insulted. But there are also people who defend the hunter. But Zindoli says: “This boy had told everyone around him that he was going to kill Bamboo, so it was a deliberate and unprovoked act, and I repeat, without a reasonable motive. He did not do anything illegal because hunting is allowed. But look at the pictures and tell me if it was a deer.” “Aggressively.”

Hunting law allows shooting

Andrea Zanoni, a local politician, also participated. “This deer was killed yesterday by a 23-year-old hunter in accordance with the law,” he wrote on Facebook, along with photos of Bambutu. “The current hunting law and the hunting calendar in the Veneto region enabled this young man to kill an animal that was a friend of the population, tourists and all children,” Zanoni continued.

“I call on all animal and nature lovers to actively support animal protection as well as get involved in politics, because only through everyone’s commitment can we one day have laws that look at animals as living beings who must be protected and defended and not as entertainment. “Things for people without compassion and respect for animals and nature,” writes the local politician.

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