December 10, 2023

Balance severe weather - Thursday to Friday, again thundered heavily - Meteo

Balance severe weather – Thursday to Friday, again thundered heavily – Meteo


Heavy thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon and Friday evening, brought about 5 cm of hail, storms, torrential rain, and more than 30,000 lightning bolts.

Thursday lives up to its name. Early in the afternoon, a strong thunderstorm moved from Ajoie in the direction of Basel and, in addition to falling large hail, also caused winds of up to 93 km / h and torrential rain. A little after 5 pm, a piercing cell followed in Burgdorf / BE, from which a hail of about 5 cm fell. Strong thunderstorms also blew Thursday evening and Friday night in other places, causing large amounts of rain in a short time. The strongest storm in the lowlands was measured at night in Locarno/TI. At 117 km / h, it reached its maximum hurricane strength.

big hail

In the canton of Bern in particular, and especially in the Burgdorf region, it was heavily filtered by hailstones the size of “five francs”.

Heavy rain

Locally, there was more than 20 mm of rain in 10 minutes, according to the building insurance, this is usually heavy rain for the sewage system, local flooding should be expected. According to the definition, one speaks of a heavy rainfall of 7 mm in 10 minutes.

In Kiesen / BE there was more than 30 mm of rain in 20 minutes, in Jona / SG even about 34 mm.

a lot of lightning

Since Thursday noon, more than 30,000 people have registered in Switzerland (as of Friday, 9am).

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