July 15, 2024

A Thai fisherman finds whale vomit and gets rich

A Thai fisherman finds whale vomit and gets rich

A Thai fisherman gets rich overnight after finding a mass of whale vomit on the beach.

The basics in brief

  • Whale vomit is rare and therefore very expensive.
  • A Thai fisherman discovered the substance on the beach.
  • The lump sum is about 126,000 francs.

It’s a find for a lifetime: Thai fisherman Prachin Phuekphisut discovered something very special on Koh Chang beach. This is not a fish, but vomiting from a sperm whale.

The mass is also called amber or amber and is Brown and waxy color level. When a whale vomits up slime, the lump hardens and floats to the surface of the sea. Vomiting is still required today to produce exclusive perfumes.

Whale vomit weighs three and a half kilograms, reports “Newsflare”. The material is rare and therefore in great demand.

Whale Vomit Makes Fisher Rich Overnight

brings so-called “floating” gold Fisherman Equivalent to more than 126000 franc It makes him rich overnight. Because a hunter usually earns just under 200 franc In month.

Did you know that whale vomit is of great value?

It is common in Thailand for people to find whale vomit on beaches. So someone found a piece that weighed 30 kilograms. The value of the discovery is about a quarter of a million franc.

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