October 3, 2023

60 people fight a cruise

60 people fight a cruise

A mass brawl broke out in which 60 people were involved in the cruise. Trigger: Three people cheat on their partners together.

A mass brawl broke out on a cruise ship. – Twitter / @nyeem0

The basics in brief

  • 60 people fought on the cruise.
  • The mass brawl lasted about an hour and the security men were confused.
  • There were no serious injuries, and no one was arrested.

So did the passengers The end of their voyage hardly imagined. On the last day of a trip across the Caribbean, there was a group brawl aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship.

According to the Daily Mail, she was Share from 40 to 60 people It was clear that the security personnel were outnumbered. Then the fight lasted for about an hour and moved through the entire ship.

According to witnesses, infidelity was the cause of the quarrel. Three people must work together deceive their partners to have. Because of this, two deluded people walked into each other in the nightclub. Then several other passengers joined the fight, which got completely out of control.

When the captain – accompanied by the Coast Guard – docked in New York, the police and an ambulance were already waiting. But no one was said to have been seriously injured and no one was arrested. However, the investigation began.

Do you like sailing?

However, it is unclear to which jurisdiction the melee falls. It was not determined whether the ship was in international waters or those in New York or New Jersey.

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