June 24, 2024

away from the USA.  A man was stung by a scorpion in Munich

away from the USA. A man was stung by a scorpion in Munich

This scorpion stung the 32-year-old in his apartment in Munich. The animal in the man’s luggage traveled from the United States to Germany.

Munich fire brigade

In Munich, a man encounters a nasty surprise. A poisonous scorpion stings in his apartment. It appears that the animal stowed away in the man’s bag from the USA.

A 32-year-old from Munich was struck by a scorpion in his apartment. The fire department said the young man felt a “painful stab” when he got up from the sofa on Sunday night.

The man had spent his vacation in the United States shortly before that. Apparently, the animal went unnoticed on the return trip from California to Germany and to the apartment of the man and his partner.

Scorpio hiding under sweatpants

According to the police, the couple returned from the United States twelve days ago. They were traveling in California with a backpack and tent. Perhaps the scorpion was in the baggage – Sunday night he hid under his training pants.

After being stung, the man from Munich discovered the culprit when he pulled up his pants, the fire department explained. “After a moment of shock, the man managed to grab the animal with a cup.”

According to emergency services, the couple then reported to animal rescues, poison control and firefighters. The 32-year-old was taken to hospital as a precaution, but he is fine. Firefighters took the animal to the reptile sanctuary in the morning.