June 17, 2024

new evidence.  Trump had employees rearrange the documents before the raid.

new evidence. Trump had employees rearrange the documents before the raid.

The secret documents scandal contains another detail: Trump apparently took the documents elsewhere before the raid.

Marie Altaffer / AFP / DBA

New evidence suggests that Donald Trump’s files were moved to his home in Mar-a-Lago after he was asked to return classified documents.

According to a newspaper report, one of his employees at the time presented investigators with new evidence while searching for other classified government documents that former US President Donald Trump was said to have taken with him to his Mar-a-Lago home.

Accordingly, Trump ordered boxes containing documents to be brought to his living area inside the property, the Washington Post wrote on Wednesday (local time), citing investigators. This came after Trump advisers received a request to return classified documents in May. This may have been an attempt to thwart a return to the current administration of President Joe Biden, the newspaper said.

In early August, the FBI searched Trump’s properties in the US state of Florida. The FBI has confiscated many classified documents, some of which are of the highest level of secrecy.

Empty folders with secret note

However, a few dozen empty folders with a secret note were also found during the search. This raised the question of what happened to the papers originally contained within. The former Trump employee is now considered a key figure in the investigation of the classified documents, Wrote Washington Post. The newspaper reported that a video clip supports his statement that the boxes have been moved.

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By keeping the documents in his private home after Trump left office, he could have put himself on trial. After the research, he began a complex legal argument, which even the US Supreme Court is now dealing with. It remains to be seen whether Trump can eventually be indicted. The 76-year-old Republican has so far been left open about whether he wants to run in the 2024 presidential election.