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It is said that the Danish prince loves his sister-in-law

It is said that the Danish prince loves his sister-in-law

Prince Joachim still has a complicated relationship with his brother Frederick. Because it is said that he loved his sister’s sister Mary and tried to kiss her.


The basics in brief

  • It is still said that Prince Joachim loved his sister-in-law, Mary.
  • His wife, Mary, bears almost the same name and is very similar to Mary.
  • Years ago, Joachim, drunk, tried to kiss his wife’s sister.

Joachim (52) and Marie (46), as well as children Nicolas (23), Felix (20), Henrik (13) and Athena (10) lose their titles. Danish Queen Margrethe (82) withdraws the title of prince from her youngest son and his family. Since this decision became public, the Danish the Royal family In media focus. Often it concerns the relationship between Joachim and his brother, Heir to the throne, Prince Frederick (54), because this is “complicated”.

This is what Joachim and his wife Marie said in an interview. And according to the Spanish portal “Vanitatis El Confidencial”, the brothers were never close. They have different personalities and different interests and hobbies. This is why the relationship has always been cordial but never close.

However, things were tense for a number of years. For it is said that Joachim loved Frederick’s wife Mary (50).

subordinate Crown She married the Australian lawyer in 2004, about a year before she divorced Joachim. Three years later, the prince announced his engagement to Mary, who was very much like Mary.

Almost the same name, almost the same appearance: for the Danish press it was clear: Joachim was fond of Mary.

The rumors started soon after wedding Marie and Joachim enhanced by the magazine: “Svenske Damtending” published a photo of Joachim and his sister-in-law Marie in 2008. In expensive It seems that the prince wants to kiss his brother’s wife. It is said that he was very drunk, and his wife Mary had to watch the embarrassing moment.

It is understood that Mary and Mary are not friends, but they view each other as “enemies” according to “Extra Bladet”. The Queen tried to change that and forced her in-laws to spend time together.

Do you get along well with your family?

After all, spouses can hardly cross paths at the moment: the heir to the throne and Mary live in Copenhagen, Notch Prince and Mary in Paris.

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