July 15, 2024

ATP Cup 2021: Live now

ATP Cup 2021: Live now

Milos Runic And the Jan Lennard Struve He played the first match of the match between Germany and Canada in the 2021 ATP Cup in Melbourne. You can watch the match from midnight on TV and live broadcasts on Sky, ServusTV, and our live tape.

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1:39 AM

Struve v. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 4: 3, debut

Raonic tosses again with a forehand blow and gives Struve another chance to break. With this, he gives the German a great opportunity to pass the ball – ending up with a forehand kick into the net. But Struve does not give up and comes after a rather lucky return to the third breakout ball. Raonic saves this after an exciting (somewhat lucky) shot.

1:36 am

Struve v. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 4: 3, debut

Raonic takes the lead at a speed of 30-0, but then hits two double faults. After a front foul by Al Kindy, Struve hit a refractory ball out of nowhere! The 30-year-old defends this with a good shot.

1:32 AM


The John Kane Arena just won Fabio Fonigny in two sets against Benoit Bayer. Italy loses just one win to get the semi-final ticket in Group C.

1:31 AM

Struve vs. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 4: 3

At the start of this game, Struve hit a light ball, but then scored four quick points thanks to his aggressive tennis attack.

1:28 AM

Struve vs. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 3: 3

Ass, Ass, Virhandfehler Struff, Ass – quickly can go.

1:25 am

Struve v. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 3: 2

Struff performs the same way his opponent does and confidently believes in his service game. The German gives up one point, but with a header he takes the lead again.

1:22 am

Struve v. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 2: 2

Now everything is back to normal: Raonic makes his service game zero and sets it to 2: 2.

1:19 am

Struve v. Raonic 7: 6 (4), 2: 1

Very weak game from Struff! Fault in plane, forward foul, backhand foul – three chances to break Raonic. Warsteiner avoids the first, but the Canadian uses the second with the winner back. The break went again.

1:15 am

Struve v Raonic 7: 6 (4), 2: 0

Struve is now pressing Raonic even if he serves and gets 15:30 for the first time. World number 15. First he frees himself up with a serving winner, but after a double foul, Struve also comes to his first break ball. And it fits! Raonic places a slice.

1:10 am

Struve vs Raonic 7: 6 (4), 0: 0, first appearance

Raonic attacks, but leaves more than one possible shot at first. Struve awards the ball for a forward foul. The German gets another ball, but the double foul doesn’t really help him after that – debut.

01:07 am

Struve vs Raonic 7: 6 (4), 0: 0, first appearance

Struff starts sending, but quickly faces 0:30. Warsteiner gets free with a service winner then scores on the net. Then the German appeared again at the front, but this time it was passed by Raonic – the first break in the entire game! The Canadian with a weak backhand leaves him behind.

01:03 am

Provisional conclusion # 2

Raonic is the most active player (18 winners, 19 TU) than Struff (7 winners, 5 TU). But in the tiebreaker, Al Kindy made one or two more mistakes than he should have.

01:02 am

Provisional conclusion # 1

Almost as expected, there was a tie break in the first set. In this, Jean-Lennard Struff deconstructed the best tennis player and quickly led 6-1. Then point number four passed.

01:01 AM

Struve vs Raonic 7: 6 (4)

Struff only hits the ball in the frame and gives the set ball the number three.

But the fourth fits! Raonic is back.

00:59 am

Struve vs Raonic 6: 6 (6: 3)

Raonic saves the ball in the first set with a forehand kick.

Winning Canadian service. But now serving Struff!

00:58 am

Struve vs Raonic 6: 6 (6: 1)

Another Struff Service Winner. Five fixed balls.

00:57 am

Struve vs Raonic 6: 6 (5: 1)

Strong sending to the Germans.

00:57 am

Struve vs Raonic 6: 6 (4: 1)

The ass.

Struve presses and raises a foul with a backhand by the Canadian. Two small breaks ahead!

12:55 AM

Struve v Raonic 6: 6 (3: 0)

Struve completes the point on the grid.

The ass.

00:54 am

Struve vs. Raonic 6: 6 (1: 0)

Struve gets a little break! Strong frontal blow.

00:53 am

Struve v Raonic 6: 6

Raonic gets the first point, but then makes an avoidable forward foul. Struve punishes this little foul with a powerful front blow and a service winner. After a foul from Al-Kindy, he enters the tiebreak.

12:50 AM

this is…

… the verdict of Jean-Lennard Struve perfectly sums up the service rendered by Milos Raonic: “He serves as an executioner.”

12:48 am

Struve versus Raonic 5: 6

Raonic made a slight foul in a forehand at 15: 0, but with three serving winners in a row, this game was also secured with a lot of confidence.

12:41 AM

Struve v. Raonic 4: 5

Struff still sees no country at all when he sends Raonic – once again the service game goes to zero at number 15 on the world. Al-Kindi now holds nine aces.

12:38 a.m.

Struve v Raonic 4: 4

Struff can be found on the net twice at the start of this service game, but he scores only 1 point – 15:15. After two service winners, Warsteiner comes up with two game balls, the first of which is smashed.

12:34 AM

Struve v Raonic 3: 4

Raonic also performs very well in this game and has no problems up front again.

12:32 a.m.

Struve v Raonic 3: 3

Struve leads again at 30-0 speed, but then sprinkles two minor faults with a backhand kick. The German was then extremely lucky when a ball fell from his pocket under pressure – this point had to be repeated. Struff does his best and after 2 aggression points he makes it 3: 3.

12:29 am

so interesting…

… how Sasha Zverev advises his team-mate for a comeback. In particular, the entry-side bonus has been an issue – Struff has to count on the Canadian bounce.

12:26 AM

Struve vs Raonic 2: 3

On the entry side, Raonic uses his serve twice in an inaccessible way, and the 30-year-old is up with two winners. To zero it goes to 3: 2.

12:23 AM

Struve v Raonic 2: 2

Struve scored two quick points at the start of the service game, but then Raonic scored two winners. Warsteiner frees himself from this precarious situation with successive consecutive service winners.

12:18 am

Struve vs. Raonic 1: 2

Raonic opens with three service winners and ends the match with a header on the ball of the second match.

00:15 am

Struve vs Raonic 1: 1

At the start of his first serving match, Struve missed a meaningful shot, but then got four quick points.

12:12 am

Struve vs. Raonic 0: 1

Raonic starts off suitably with an ace, and Struff gets the second point thanks to a powerful comeback. The Canadian responds with a forehand blow and after a slight foul from his opponent, he secures two balls. Raonic turns the first AAS.

00:08 AM

Enough …

Introductory words. here we are. Milos Raonic starts serving. Enjoy!

00:08 AM

true …

The season doesn’t start until February anyway. Struve wants to prove that he can also be expected in 2021.

00:04 AM

If we were really …

… With the Canadians, we stay with him for a while: Yesterday, Raonic showed an excellent performance against Dusanjayovic and won in two sets.

00:03 AM

Milos Raonic …

… he took the seat and decided – not surprisingly – to serve.

00:02 am


… with Milos Raonic and Jan-Lennard Struff, the numbers 15 and 37 will face each other in the world. So great tennis is inevitable.

00:01 am


… were the hymns of the two teams. But now we want to focus on what we got together for today: a great night of tennis.

11:56 pm

And the …

… the boys are already there. The patriotic anthems will be heard shortly, and then things start immediately. She was happy!

11:56 pm

I’m face to face …

Of the two opponents, Raonic leads 2-1 – and the last duel to date in Indian Wells in 2019 went to 15th in the rankings.

11:54 pm

Open …

… he will be the second best player in the country in question as usual. In Canada this is Milos Raonic, in Germany Jan Lennard Struve.

11:51 pm


… so the German team will also join this year’s ATP Cup. The Canadian national team has already played one game and beat defending champion Serbia 1: 2.

11:47 PM


Hello and welcome to the live tape of the game between Jan Lennard Struve and Milos Raonic.

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Milos Raonic and Jean-Lennard Struve are competing in opening tonight

While this will be Struff’s debut in Australia in 2021, Raonic has already made a name for himself with his two-set back-to-back victory over Dusan Lyovic in the match against Serbia for Team Canada. Next to Denis Shapovalov However, Raonic lost the decisive double against him Novak Djokovic And Philip Krajinovic. On the balance sheet against Struff, Al Kindi leads with a 2–1 win, the last duel was in Indian Wells in 2019.

After this match, the first match was between Denis Shapovalov and Alexander Zverev at. For Germany duo follows Andreas Mies and Kevin Kreowitz, the Canadian doubles lineup will likely be automatic again.

Struff versus Raonic – where live broadcasts

The match between Jan Lennard Struve and Milos Raonic will be broadcast live on TV from midnight and will be broadcast live on ServusTV and Sky.