December 7, 2023

Kent Greenisher new CEO of BCD Travel

Kent Greenisher new CEO of BCD Travel


Kent Granisher

Since February 1, 2021, Kent Greenischer has been Managing Director of BCD Travel Switzerland, which is based in Zurich. In this position, he succeeds Michelle Geigerliner, who left the BCD at the end of October 2020 and now works for Medicall.

In his new role at BCD, he will report to Karen Smithson, Senior Vice President at BCD Travel, Europe. Kent Greenwich has over 15 years experience in business travel. Most recently he held the position of Travel Director in Switzerland at UBS AG.

Kent Greenisher is a business travel professional with a deep understanding of travel company programs, events and meetings and travel agency relationship management.

He began his career in the travel sector as head of a medical aviation delegation that was on the mission of the United Nations MINURSO mission in Western Sahara. In 1996 he completed his training as a specialist in tourism in Samedan and then worked as a comprehensive manager at a tourist inn in Canada. After returning to Switzerland, he worked as Operations Manager for Crossair.

In 2002 the tourism expert, who lives in Arisdorf, moved to Artsession / Cotravel, where he was responsible for planning and holding concerts and events as well as organizing group excursions. In 2005 he took over the position of Product Manager for the USA and Canada at Knecht Reisen. His main duties included leading the team, purchasing products, designing catalogs and establishing business relationships with service providers.

Prior to joining BCD, Kent Gränicher was responsible for operations and supplier negotiations for UBS’s Swiss Travel Management team for twelve years. He was also responsible for implementing and managing UBS’s online reservation tool. It has been particularly successful in providing added value to travelers and improving operations and budgets. (TI)