October 5, 2023

Athletics: German athletes are rewarded for losing the World Cup in the United States!  |  Sports

Athletics: German athletes are rewarded for losing the World Cup in the United States! | Sports

It’s a disaster!

The World Athletics Championships have been held in Eugene (USA) since Friday. 36 of the 80 (!) nominated athletes were already in the starting. Best result: 10th place for racket Jacqueline Ocheri (26). 24 athletes were eliminated in the first round. Our only golden hope, Olympic long jump champion Malaika Mihambo (28), is only on the last day (Monday night).

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For head coach Annette Stein, the disastrous start came as no surprise: “It seems like a tragedy, but the majority of the athletes who competed are over 20 or even 35 in the world rankings.”

Anticipating athletic success? “We formulated that many athletes should approach their best season in the direction of personal best results. We were looking forward to some surprises – it just didn’t happen that way.”

This means: I already knew that most of our athletes are pretty bad on top of the world, and I was ready to be embarrassed.

Stein even says, “Competing athletes are preparing for the Olympics and the World Championships. They love what they do. It’s not just a job or a commitment for them, but they live it with passion. And on a campus like this, where all the nations are together, in such a stadium that has been Turning it on with this date, it’s also an experience. It’s also a reward for the athletes.”

World Cup as a reward for training? In addition, there was a preparatory training camp in sunny Santa Barbara (California) for most of the World Cup participants, which, of course, was chosen after a detailed climatic analysis so that the athletes also felt comfortable.

Not only does this cost the taxpayer huge sums, but the association is also rewarded with a royal bounty for the disaster inflicted on the Home Office. Because in the potential analysis, which has been around since 2017 and aims to provide an objective and independent basis for making decisions about the sport’s performance potential, track and field athletes are ranked first – because they fully understand the concept of finance.

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Of course they want to hold the number one position with the most money. It will be decided in the World Cup. The European Championship, which takes place in Munich from August 11-21, is not relevant. “The World Championships is all about medals, appointments, and performance potential,” Stein explains. We had nothing to do with this before. But: “The number of participants we can create in the World Championships and Olympic Games and their placement in competitions is also evaluated.”

Even Stein admits, “That’s why we try to take everyone to a competition like this.”

So mass rather than quality, the main thing is that there are many athletes in the beginning. The Athletics Federation does everything right with this principle, because it raises money for the runners behind it. But in the German sports system, for which politics is responsible, there are a lot of mistakes that go wrong.

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