July 16, 2024

Appearance Videos: Michael Mittermeier Makes Rammstein Jokes

Appearance Videos: Michael Mittermeier Makes Rammstein Jokes

Michael Mittermeier at the 2021 show.Photo: Imago/Mark John


Is life annoying? Was the week long? You just want your peace? We’re changing that now. With a short break for a good mood.

We have collected for you the best clips of comedians, comedians and other people who love to post funny content on the internet. All of the videos have one thing in common: They’ve moved to our Insta and Tiktok feeds this week. The algorithm wanted it that way. for some laughs in between.

Also present: Michael Mittermeier, who jokes about Rammstein. Lena Biermann and Maria Clara Grobler, who surprised the men of the audience – and Brazilian Raffi Bastos, who doesn’t really feel like speaking English. Which sucks if you live in New York and want to tour the States.

But for now: enough writing. Better watch videos. I listen!

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Fred Kostya

4 am in Germany. What are you doing there? Fred Kostya knows!

Ravi Bastos

The Brazilian lives in the United States. And they can freak out when it comes to the English language. Even if he has been in the country for a long time.

Lena Berman

In fact, Lena Berman just wanted to know if a man had been taken from the audience. But his answer was completely different from what she thought.

Even Rainers

Things you don’t expect: Even Rainers with a declaration of love for Cottbus.

Michael Mittmeyer

Michael Mittermeier begins his evening with a light theme: Rammstein. (And a little bit of Helen Fisher).


Adrian Vogt aka Aditotoro sings. Why? Because he can. Or: because he can’t. Or you don’t want to be able to.

Maria Clara Grobler

Maria Clara Grobler means little to a man in the audience. But then he pays slightly different praise afterwards. By the way: the 24-year-old is still on tour!

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