December 3, 2023

Anne Kristen Struck wants the World Cup medal |  Local sport

Anne Kristen Struck wants the World Cup medal | Local sport

Ann Kristen Struck from Giessen on “The Last Boom”: In Altenburg, the 27-year-old is pursuing a world championship medal in two-man bobsled.

Wait again to skate, do sprint and force units, and focus fully on the Ice Channel: At the end of “Final Sprint Week”, 27-year-old Anne Kristen Struck from Jesen should get her second World Cup medal.

“All the Germans are fighting for that,” says Struck, who, along with her pilot Kim Kalike, won her first joint World Cup victory in Konigssee at the end of January.

“That was cool – we noticed it went really well in workouts, everything went well, we were physically fit all week. We want to do that this week too.”

The first world bobsleigh championships consisting of two women will begin in Altenburg on Friday at 10:30 a.m., and the decision for the third and fourth rounds will begin on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. (broadcast on ZDF).

Strack wants to replicate the success in a number of ways, because: A former environmental management student, she raced for a silver medal at the World Cup in Whistler, Canada at the start of 2019 – at the time with pilot Stephanie Schneider.

In Altenburg, the 2021 World Cup, Strack also had a hard fall in the pre-season. So the woman from Jessen was “ambivalent” at first: “The downfall of last year was tough. But it will be better. I look forward to driving with Kim.”

While the other local bobsleighs Issam Amor (Allendorf / Lan) and Costa Lorenz (Langons) are non-existent, Anne Christine Struck has been in Saxon Switzerland since Sunday night. The first rapid test for the coronavirus was scheduled for Monday, followed by the next test the day before the first competition.

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World Cup decision on Saturday On the afternoon of ZDF

“I’m used to it now,” says Struck. “We had it the other day amongst the athletes: I think all of us definitely had to do about 30 coronavirus tests this season because of the World Cup.”

The equipment was also scheduled to be checked on Monday, “It’s like servicing a car,” says the bobsleigh driver: “Loosen everything away, inspect it, and put it back together again.” After the Sprint and Force session, we went for a two-hour training track every Tuesday and Wednesday Channel.

“We’re trying to get the runners to be sharpened on Wednesday as well, so we can have another completely empty day before the competition.”

Then the competition begins on Friday – since the start of the year, there has been competition with all the athletes, including athletes from the United States, Canada and partners. “It’s the last sprint week,” says the woman from Jessen. “We are giving everything right again, all forces are mobilized. But we have the finish line on the horizon.”