April 25, 2024

The next highlight is Nina Redner and Robin Fromelt – Liechtenstein

Planica – After the U-23 World Junior Championships in Whistler (Canada), the next event of the season awaits Nina Redner and Robin Frommelt. The FL duo compete against the Ultimate World Elite at the Elite World Championships in Planica. Both LSV cross country skiers compete in three expeditions in Slovenia.

Slovenia is the 13th host country to host the Nordic World Ski Championships. It is the largest sporting event ever in a small country of 2.1 million people. Liechtenstein is represented in title fights on the cross-country ski track. The Liechtenstein Ski Association (LSV) has selected Nina Redner and Robin Frommelt for Planica. “Both of them were able to improve even more at the U-23 World Championships in Whistler. The shape curve appears to be pointing in a good direction, LSV said in a press release about the selection. “The World Cup races are also of great interest to LSV athletes with regard to potential quota venues for the 2026 Olympic Games.”

Highlight one by one

This means that the highlight of the season for the players of the Scandinavian club Liechtenstein will come within a short period of time. From January 28th to February 4th, the duo will compete against international competition at the U-23 World Championships in Whistler. In Canada, Nina Riedener finished 45th (sprint sprint in classic technique), 37th (20 km classic with mass start) and 32nd (10 km ski with one start). Robin Frommelt took positions 37th (sprint), 43rd (20km) and 45th (10km).

In Slovenia, Frommelt will compete in the sprint (classic), sprint (30 km) and individual sprint (15 km ski). Riedener will skip sprints and focus on distance races with Skiathlon (15km), individual races (ski 10km) and mass start (30km classic). Riedener and Frommelt in Planica are taken care of by trainer Ilya Chernousov. In terms of materials, the Swiss-Ski service team will support the FL team.

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The last format test passed

As a final test before the World Championships, Nina Riedner, who had already had to deal with a few colds the previous season, competed in a mass start race over 20km in classic style last weekend as part of the Continental Cup in Cambra and finished a good 17th. “I managed a good race in Cambra. I also felt physically much better than in previous weeks. Now, of course, I hope that my level will continue to improve and that I can run at a good level constantly, “said the young athlete from Liechtenstein. “At the World Championships I focus entirely on the long distance races. It has always been like this because that is where I have my strength. And here in Planica there are enough distance races, so I don’t miss it.” Her goal in Slovenia is “I can improve the Cup The last world in Oberstdorf and take another step forward.”

Nina Redner made her world championship debut on Saturday in the over 15km cross-country skiing event. This is my first ski this season. Actually, such a race suits me well, but with a big event you never know. Nervousness certainly plays a role as well.” On February 28, the women from the Oberland will continue the 10 km sprint in freestyle technique (one start) and finally on March 4 the mass sprint over 30 km in classic technique starts in the programme.

“I’m getting better and better”

Robin Frommelt has also repeatedly suffered from colds this season. And also last weekend he had to pass for the Continental Cup in Cambra. “At the end of the week I was still not quite healthy, so I decided not to play. But I’m getting better and better and should be healthy again by the time I make my World Cup debut,” reports Frommelt, who has gone very quickly this year. He started in the U23 class for the first time this season, has already qualified for the U23 World Championships and now Also for the elite world championship.So it’s clear to him: “I can’t have too high expectations in Slovenia, but I’m very excited to see what will be enough in the end. “For him it is especially important to gain experience at this higher level and of course he also hopes That his back should not cause him any problems over long distances.”But that should work.”

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Robin Frommelt starts Thursday’s World Championship with fast qualifying. Then we are already waiting for the ski race over 30 km and on March 1 at a distance of 15 km with one start in the free technique.

Examine the tracks well

Nina Riedener and Robin Frommelt are already on site at Planica and have already been able to check out the routes. “Of course we will look closely at all the courses. Keep testing your skis and try not to use up too much energy. The World Cup is about to start,” says Nina Redner. “The preparation here will never be more special than before other races. But: “We have more time to learn about the methods and adapt to them.”