May 19, 2024

An important innovation is coming –

Apple changed the position of the front camera on the base iPad a while ago and admitted that it fares better on the long side. For video calls etc., you usually (but not always) use the tablet in landscape format.

In the coming days, we should see a new iPad Air and a new iPad Pro for 2024 and there He hears You can see that the front camera on these two tablets has now also been moved to the long side. Does this step affect Face ID?

The iPad Air probably won't get Face ID, so it will definitely still stick with Touch ID in the power button, but that's not to be expected with the iPad Pro, where Face ID already works well in both landscape and portrait format when unlocked.

Since my iPad is actually my device for many of my video conferences, I certainly welcome that. While I don't think the current solution is as bad as some think, it may be a better situation for many.

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