May 21, 2024

LEGO 2K Drive Pass Season 4 features new maps, modes, and more

The latest season of the LEGO 2K Drive Year 1 Drive Pass arrives this week, with Season 4 introducing a new map, a new mode, and more.

As promised when the Year 1 Driving Pass was first announced, the final season of the pass will arrive later this week, finally bringing with it a new biome connecting Turbo Acres, Big Butte County, Prospecto Valley, and Hauntsborough.

The new map is called Stargaze Summit, and like the rest of the season, it's centered around ice. The main focus of this season is on the Vikings, and subsequent races take you into space. There are seven races, three challenges and nine on-the-go events on the card.

Stargaze Summit is coming as part of a free update for the game on Wednesday, and players will get the new biome as well as the chance to earn 21 free rewards, including four vehicles, five sets of bricks, five drivers, and more in Y1S4. Driving lane.

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Those who have already purchased the optional Year 1 Premium Driving Pass can also receive 84 unique rewards, including nine new vehicles and 10 new drivers inspired by Vikings and sci-fi. Unlike other passes in other games, there is no time limit for LEGO 2K Drive seasons and you can complete them at your leisure.

Another exciting addition in the upcoming update is a brand new mode called Goal Karts Hockey. Players fight in teams of three to shoot a huge ball into the goal. There are also time trials in which players can race on a track without other racers chasing the fastest time.

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In non-competitive modes, including the single-player story, unique abilities are also added to notify players when they are near a collectible item, dissolve racers and other obstacles, and more.

It's all coming to the game on March 13 as part of a free update and additional content for those who own the Year 1 Driving Pass. This is the final installment of the Year 1 Driving Pass and no further expansions have been announced at the time of writing. You can read our full game review by clicking here.

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