July 17, 2024

An arrogant joke at ESC?  The broker is in a lot of trouble

An arrogant joke at ESC? The broker is in a lot of trouble

Great Britain is the biggest loser in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Now there is debate in the UK, including a joke from the presenter.

London – Great Britain is the biggest loser this year, with zero points Eurovision Song Contest Appeared. There is now a lot of debate in the UK – not only because of the score, but also because of a funny joke by the presenter.

Amanda Holden (50) sparked a backlash on the network with a cheeky joke. © BBC screenshot

Amanda Holden (50 years old) receives a lot of criticism on social networks. The British ESC presenter was heavily criticized because her opening speech was seen as arrogant when the points were awarded.

The 50-year-old wanted to joke a little bit about European languages ​​to soften the whole thing.

“Bon Soir, Goedenavond,” Amanda Holden spoke. “It means” good evening “in French and Dutch, although I don’t know which one at all.”

However, the enthusiastic speech did not resonate well with many viewers. “Nobody likes us precisely because of these slogans,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another user said, summing up this disastrous evening: “There are no points for Great Britain and Amanda Holden also finds it funny that she does not know the difference between the Dutch and the French.”

Some British viewers even saw the main reason Britain failed to score any points in the broadcaster’s embarrassing joke rather than James Newman’s “Embers”.

There was at least one consolation for singer and actress Amanda Holden: her extravagant purple plumage was positively commented by many observers. For example, one viewer said: “Damn, Amanda looks great.”

And the moderation of the 50-year-old was not a complete failure. Several users wrote that “Amanda is taking advantage of her moment” and offered solace when they saw that the presenter was shy about having no points for Great Britain.

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