July 15, 2024

American singer confirms plastic surgery – she did it

American singer confirms plastic surgery – she did it

There has been frequent speculation about whether Selena Gomez had some visual aid. The singer herself has now put an end to the discussions.

In recent years, there have been repeated rumors that singer Selena Gomez has changed her visual appearance with cosmetic procedures. However, the musician has never commented on the speculation – until now. Selena Gomez spoke publicly for the first time about the treatments she underwent.

One user commented on Instagram that the 31-year-old should have her cheek implants and implants removed. Selena Gomez took this opportunity to openly reveal that she's actually had help before: “I got Botox, baby.” This is the first time she has discussed her cosmetic procedures publicly.

Her face changed due to lupus

However, not all changes in Selena Gomez's face are the result of Botox treatment. Her somewhat round face, which is often discussed by fans, is linked to lupus. This is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system turns against its own body.

The medication she had to take for this reason would promote weight gain – including her face. “When I take it, water accumulates in my body. When I take it off again, the extra weight disappears very quickly! Anyone who has problems with it should leave,” the artist said on TikTok this year. She had previously been attacked several times because of her appearance on social media.