Also for Android: DuckDuckGo wants to stop app tracking

After iOS allows users to refuse app tracking, DuckDuckGo also wants to offer such functionality for Android.

The basics in brief

  • DuckDuckGo offers a “Track Apps for Android” option.
  • In order to use the functionality, people have to sign up for a corresponding beta.

IOS has a feature on iPhones that refuses to track the app. In large companies such as Facebook social networking site or Twitter Probably nearly ten billion dollar It causes a decrease in sales. DuckDuckGo now wants to offer such functionality on Android smartphones. Standard reports.

Advance technology company one «App Tracking Protection for Android» in a. This is to stop tracking in third-party apps. This can be activated in the DuckDuckGo app.

People who want to use this feature must sign up for a trial. You can do this in Settings Option «Protect application tracking» Specify.

After that everything will be running in the background. Recognized immediately upon application data Want to send to an external tracker and stopped.

Not the same function as in iOS

The function of DuckDuckGo is not as deep as That iOS system. This stems from media reports from Wired. Trackers will not be blocked in all apps. Browsers are excluded from the functionality.

There are also apps that don’t work without app tracking. They can be whitelisted on DuckDuckGo.

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