March 2, 2024

Anniversary Edition patch fixes black screens, but poses problems

Anniversary Edition patch fixes black screens, but poses problems

from Sarah Petzold
The developers of Skyrim at Bethesda have released a patch for the Anniversary Edition that is supposed to prevent black screens from appearing when starting the game. However, the update also causes problems for some players.

Anyone who recently purchased the Anniversary Edition of TES 5: Skyrim might be upset about one thing: As some players reported, the game can crash with a black screen when they start up. Now a new update is supposed to fix this problem – but in the best Skyrim tradition, it’s creating new problems.

Incompatibility with SKSE causes modification problems

Because it is clear that the patch not only solves the black screen problem, but also causes compatibility issues with various mods. Because the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim Only considered an upgrade to the Special Edition and not as a separate entity, Special Edition users can also enjoy the update – and the annoyances associated with it.

Among other things, version 1.6.323 makes both the Anniversary and Special Edition of Skyrim temporarily incompatible with Skyrim Script Extender. SKSE forms the basis of a variety of Skyrim mods as it unlocks new scripting options and adds additional functionality to the game. The fact that SKSE is not currently compatible with Skyrim due to the update until a new version is available affects various Skyrim mods.

If you want to play the Legendary or Special Edition of Skyrim without updating to version 1.6.323, you can start the RPG via SKSE or Vortex Mod Manager and select the “Do not update automatically” option. If you have already installed the update and want to undo the installation, you can use a mod (it already works with the new game version) to downgrade to 1.5.97.

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