July 14, 2024

All this against Mazpin?  Why do so many colleagues not like Mix

All this against Mazpin? Why do so many colleagues not like Mix

All this against Mazpin? Why do so many colleagues not like Mix

When No. 9 crashes through the asphalt in Formula 1, first-class fans take a closer look.

But not because this car is known for its special successes or great driving skills, but because the F1 fans count on The next mistake made by the pilot sitting at the steering wheel waiting. (Eyeliner: “F1-Schnösel is behaving like crosos”)

# 9 does not belong to Haas rookie Nikita Mazepin. In a very short time, the young Russian has developed into a new enemy image – and only three races have been completed in the current season. But how does a newcomer feel such a rejection after a very short time?

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To be loved by Formula 1 fans, Mazepin has very poor qualifications. Because with Dmitry Mazpin, the billionaire and owner of the Russian chemical company Ural Kali, the father of the young man is the main sponsor of Haas. The road to claims that the 22-year-old is just a paid driver isn’t far off.

The fact that the polyide is also markedly painted in the national Russian colors, even though Haas comes from the United States, does not make it smaller.

Schumacher is better than Mazpin

But it wasn’t really able to prove its suitability on the race track, either. So far, he has no chance of a team duel with fellow rookie Mick Schumacher.

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In all three qualifying sessions and in all three races, the German was clearly ahead. At the Portuguese Grand Prix last weekend, Schumacher celebrated his first overtaking maneuver in his Formula 1 career, even crossing the finish line ahead of already fastest Williams Nicholas Latifi.

Mazpin, on the other hand, was the last driver to cross the finish line – more than a minute behind his team-mate. At least Schumacher saved him off the lap. (Formula 1 drivers championship)

The fact that he even spoke of a “good race” after the race in terms of lap times raised the question about what a bad race looked like for him. But he was probably happy to see the finish line.

New hashtag “Mazespin”

While the learning curve for the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher is steadily increasing and returning the hard work of his engineers and mechanics with good performances, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Mazepin.

Because the Russian turns repeatedly in his car, his hashtag was developed: “Mazespin” – “spin” for the lathe operator.

But it’s not just the fans who don’t like him. Enthusiasm in the ring is also limited. While Mick Schumacher appears to be everyone’s darling and already has a boyfriend in Sebastian Vettel on the field, his pals repeatedly criticize them.

Perez rages against Mazbin

In the Portuguese Grand Prix, he had already ignored the approval of the gentlemen in the qualifiers, which regulate the behavior when preparing for fast laps. (Formula 1 racing calendar for 2021)

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Things got worse in the race. The Russians ignored the blue flags when then-leader Sergio Perez rushed from behind – almost causing a collision. The Mexican immediately insulted him, calling him a “bloody fool” – not the first insult of its kind against Mazbin.

Haas’ boss, Günther Steiner, doesn’t want to know anything about the constant criticism that his young son is being subjected to. “It was not on purpose, and in the end nothing happened,” he said after the race. In the RTL– Steiner interview. He also said that Mazepin “is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Haas caught up with his driver

The low level of popularity of the Russians is not only due to the shortcomings of the leadership. The fact that so many fans would like a different pilot in the Haas cockpit is mainly due to the 22-year-old’s off-track behavior.

Already in Formula 2 days he got caught in the pit lane. That low point came last December, when a video emerged showing him touching a young woman from her chest.

As a result, the # WeSayNoToMazepin initiative was formed, which wanted him to be released immediately. However, Haas left her on a complaint – perhaps also due to economic constraints.

So far, Mazepin hasn’t been able to refute this bad impression on the ring – and so he continues to collect enemies in Formula 1.