A new assignment for Michael Massey?

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in this context …

…by the way, the statements made by Andrew Green, chief technology officer of the AMR 22 show in February, also make sense. At the time, he said, “One of the requirements for the design of the car was to give us flexibility.”

“I didn’t want to design a car that was at a standstill for development, so we have a chance to change the design of the radiators and side-boxes in the 2022 season,” said Green, who said at the time.

In fact, that appears to be the case now.

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What should be new in Aston Martin

We briefly discussed the situation at Aston Martin previously. Our Italian colleagues from Motorsport.com reportThat Barcelona’s “new” AMR22 actually doesn’t have to do much with the previous car.

The side squares and lower body will be completely revised and will now go further in the direction of the Red Bull RB18. However, one should not expect miracles from the radical change in concept in the first race.

Since the vehicle changes often, you currently don’t have any data to work with. So the development in Barcelona is basically starting from the beginning again…

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Verstappen can set a record

The Dutchman could claim his third win in a row at the weekend. That would actually be his best, because the world champion hasn’t won four consecutive races in his career!

In 2021 he will already have three consecutive victories. However, two of the three races were held in Spielberg, as well as a win in France. So this will be the first time he has won three consecutive races on three different tracks.

By the way, after the victories at Imola and Miami, Helmut Marko does not believe in walking. “It’s going to be hard to catch up. I don’t think we’re going to win every race, it’s going to be ups and downs,” Marko said on Sky.

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Mercedes classic track

Mercedes and Hamilton have not lost in Spain for five years now! The record champion has won every race there since 2017. With a total of six wins, Hamilton is also Barcelona’s record winner alongside Michael Schumacher.

And if he and teammate Nico Rosberg didn’t crash in 2016, it’s possible that Mercedes was completely undefeated there in the hybrid era, because they were also able to win the Spanish Grand Prix in 2014 and 2015.

Because of this year’s big base revolution, the past successes this year are of course absolutely worthless. Anyway, I personally would be surprised to see Mercedes again at the top in Spain in 2022.

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Aston Martin: updates to just one car?

“We are getting a big update package in Barcelona,” Vettel announced a few days ago. Some even talk about a “B version” of the AMR22. But Vettel may not even be able to enjoy the new parts in Spain.

Then Colleagues from the “Auto Bild” reportHowever, these supply chain issues can ensure that only one update package is available initially. This will likely lead to more hiking.

So far these are just rumors, so we’ll wait and see.

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30 years ago today…

… Nigel Mansell set a new record in Formula 1! The Briton won the 1992 San Marino Grand Prix, winning the fifth out of five races this season. There was no such perfect start in the first chapter.

And the record stands to this day! Michael Schumacher later managed to win the first five races of the season in 2004. But so far, no driver has achieved six wins at the start…

Photo gallery: Longest winning streak in Formula 1

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Why test times are worth nothing

Three days of testing have already taken place in Barcelona in the winter. The best time after that went to Mercedes in front of Red Bull and McLaren. However, there are many reasons why the Silver Darts do not travel to the Grand Prix as the favorites.

First of all, test times should always be approached with extreme caution, because no one knows who drove the amount of fuel etc. Additionally, weekend conditions will be much warmer than February.

In addition, this year was the first lap with the new cars. That’s why the test was officially called “walking away” at the time. Since then, everyone has developed their cars.

In other words, the times that existed at that time are no longer valuable today. If you’re interested, you can still see the test results from February here!

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Honda became the main sponsor

This is also a little strange: Although Honda will leave Formula 1 after the 2021 season, it will be the main sponsor and main sponsor of this year’s Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.

This is not entirely out of the blue, as the Suzuka track belongs to Honda. However, it seems rather strange in the first year after the official exit of Formula 1…

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for the first time

Having served as racing director for the first five races of the season, Eduardo Freitas made his Spain debut. But who is the man who shares the job with Witch this year and takes charge for the first time on the weekend?

We reveal it in our photo!


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Will Barcelona improve with new cars?

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is not particularly popular with many F1 fans. On the other hand, this is because the drivers know the track more or less by heart because a lot of testing has been done there over the years.

Therefore, errors are fairly rare. In addition, the track hardly allows for past maneuvers to be overtaken. And Gasly thinks that won’t change either. “We know that overtaking is difficult on this track,” he recalls.

“And it will remain that way – even with new cars,” he dreads, “I would be surprised if suddenly there were ten times as many overtaking maneuvers as before.” This is simply because of the “nature of the road”.

Of course we still hope for an exciting race!

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