October 5, 2023

Kazakhstan should not be underestimated

Kazakhstan should not be underestimated

World Cup in Finland – After a convincing start to the World Cup with victories over Italy (5:2) and Denmark (6:0), the Swiss team takes on Kazakhstan on Tuesday evening – which is clear on paper.

The Kazakhs started the tournament with two defeats, losing to Denmark 1: 9. That is why the coach of the Swiss national team Patrick Fischer classified them as “very dangerous” – “they were shot”. The Kazakhs proved their ability to play ice hockey a year ago when they defeated Finland (2:1 nP) at the World Championships in Riga. And with their victory in the last match against Norway (1:3), they would have reached the quarter-finals at the expense of world champion Canada.

With a few exceptions, the team consists of players from the KHL, the majority of which plays in Barys Nur-Sultan, who participated at least in the playoffs. “We have to be ready from the first second,” Fisher demands. He knows what he’s talking about, he lost the last match against the Kazakhs in the 2016 World Cup 2: 3 after a penalty shootout.

However, the question arises whether the Swiss subconsciously underestimate their opponents. Fisher doesn’t care about that. “The team is alert and able to learn, that’s great.” It is important to play disciplined. The Swiss received many sanctions against the Danes – six of them. Consideration was given to how to avoid situations that led to such situations.

And as far as the squad is concerned, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sandro Eichlemann stood in front of goal for the first time in a major tournament. In any case, Fischer announced that the Davos goalkeeper will get his chance in Helsinki. This is also because Leonardo Genone (34) and Rito Pera (35) won’t be available forever.

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Fisher said the four Storm streaks worked very well over the weekend, but they haven’t yet found the final line-up. “We’ll definitely try some other things. That’s normal, it’s practical.” Damian Reat and Marco Miranda were also signed up for Worlds on Monday as it is clear there will be no further reinforcements from the NHL. In any case, the trend is certainly correct, and optimism is permissible not only in the match against Kazakhstan.