April 23, 2024

A cruise ship leaves eight passengers on the island

Imagine that you are stopping on an exotic island and your cruise ship is sailing without you. This is exactly what happened to eight passengers from the USA and Australia who were traveling on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship.

Jill and Jay Campbell of South Carolina were part of this unfortunate group. On March 27, they and seven other passengers went on a private island tour on the central African island of Sao Tome.

After their shore excursion, a nightmare ensues for the group: a malfunction delays their return to port so much that they do not arrive until after last call for all passengers.

“We still see the ship,” Jay Campbell recalled in an interview with the American television station WRAL News. But the captain refused to send another tender boat.

Among those stranded are four retirees, including a paraplegic patient and a heart patient. Another American woman is pregnant. All attempts to contact the ship have failed until this moment.

Fortunately, Jill and Jay Campbell had a credit card with them. This allowed them to spend $5,000 on hotel rooms and basic necessities. With the assistance of the United States Embassy in Angola, the group organized a plane and car trip to Gambia.

After 15 hours, the next setback occurred: due to low water levels, the ship was unable to dock in Gambia. The group then traveled to Senegal in a van and ferry to try again.

And this time successfully: as the American media now reported, all passengers were able to board the Norwegian Dawn ship again. The Campbells' journey began on March 19 in South Africa. After 21 days, the Norwegian Dawn was supposed to arrive in Barcelona port.

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